Welcome to the queer planet of Mars! Inspired by an old shoot by photographer Eugenio Recuenco I came up with the concept for this quirky retro sci-video.

Producer: Mira Mendel & René Mendel / Interakt | Line Producer: Nikki Thie | Director of Photography: Boje Ploeg | Edit: Mehdi Janah | Gaffer: Tara Bisoen | Belichter: Pramesh Sewgobind | Stylist: Bente Mars | Make-up & hair: Alisa Durgun | Focus Puller: Thijs van Geenhuizen | Steadicam: Chris Snijders | VFX: Remco Anker | Compositing & grading: Nino Oosterwijk / Feverfilm | Production assistants: Jim Brink, Djoewe Walta | Actors: Nathalie Inniger, Èwa Odugawa, Sebas van der Sangen | Artist Manager: Pieter Perquin / Unexpected Management.

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