I’m a screenwriter, creative and director. The brief version: I started out in acting, which I did from childhood all the wat to my mid-twenties. I then switched to writing after moving to Los Angeles and happened upon directing after moving back to the Netherlands. While something I never planned, directing turned out to be my favorite thing ever.  I love working with actors, especially kids, as well as incorporating practical effects and vfx. As a commercial director I’ve worked for clients like Philips, KPN, Albert Heijn, among many others. As a fiction director I wrote, produced and directed a proof-of-concept of a feature called “Long Gone” starring Sallie Harmsen and Kay Greidanus and a short film called “Other” starring Anna Drijver. “Long Gone” is now in development as a series at Netflix and “Other” was selected for the Meliès d’Argent at the Imagine Film Festival 2021. As a screenwriter I have been selected for Netflix New Voices as well as the semi-finals (50 out of 8000) of The Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship. Project-wise I have an affinity for science, tech and grounded fairytales. I love stories with a magical or ethereal feel that play with alternate realities – whether due to a protagonists’ imagination, a story-in-a-story or some scientific cause.