Oh, Dear LA Actors: Why Casting A Voice-Over Made Me Sad

This week I was casting for voice-over actors in Los Angeles and it left me feeling sad, bittersweet and whole mix of conflicting emotions that may or may not have to do with my impending period and certainly have to do with my having been an actress in LA myself. Why would finding an American voice-over actor ever make one feel sad, you may wonder – periods aside? I shall explain.

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Behind The Scenes of Samson!

Remember when I wrote, produced and acted in my own short? I was pretty much on cloud nine throughout whole thing (and had a little trouble adjusting back to normal life after nearly two months of working on the short full time). We had an amazing crew, a great atmosphere on set, and got 50% of our funding through generous donations of awesome people. To inspire you to create you own projects as well, here’s a little behind the scenes video of the making of Samson

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Live From Cloud Nine: A Big List of Thank You’s

It has officially happened: the first time a screenplay I wrote got made into a film! Uh-huh, last weekend we filmed my short Samson. The weeks leading up to it may have left me broke and bipolar, but it was worth it. More than that, it was one of the best experiences of my life; the magic of twenty plus people coming together to create something I wrote, of every single person on set being awesome and talented and dedicated, of realizing how ridiculously lucky I am when it comes to the people I meet…

Honestly, no matter how many people say LA people are fake or shallow or  jaded, I can only vouch for the contrary. Because even though we didn’t get full funding, I’ve gotten help in so many ways from the people around me, it makes me all dramatic and gooey inside. The to-thank-when-I-win-my-Oscar-list is growing impossibly long,  so I want to use this post to thank some awesome people and give you faith in humanity just in time for the holidays!

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Why Every Actor Should Produce a Short

In the last month I’ve forgotten my debit card at the grocery store three times, lost a pair of pants, lost my precious Ray Bans, burned my hands while cooking twice and just generally have been all over the place. The reason for all this scatterbrainedness: the short film I’m developing. Okay, maybe also my disorganized personality, but mostly the short film. Producing a film is really a day job (who would have thought? What could the official job title be for that?) It’s a job consisting of a million meetings and spreadsheets and emails; piecing together a million smart parts so they all start working at the right time. It’s kind of like hosting a massive dinner party, which – as a batch of oily, PlayDoh like “cupcakes” can attest to – is not a talent of mine. You’re probably wondering why I’ve titled this “Why Every Actor Should Produce a Short” when I’m rambling about how  taxing it is. Well, let me tell ya!

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