The Beginner’s Guide to Pilot Season in LA

Aaaand I’m back in Los Angeles. After spending a month eating lotsa Doritos, mayonaise and chocolate,  being surrounded by family and friends and cold weather I’m back in my own little apartment in the Hollywood heat. This was the first time I returned to LA -as in went home- instead of returning to the Netherlands, and it’s been a little strange readjusting.  There’s just zero overlap between my life in Holland and my life in Hollywood, like they’re two different universes that only exist when I’m there.

It’s also the first time I’m in LA for pilot season. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term: Pilot season is the season when all TV show pilots get cast and produced. And that’s an infinite amount more than what you end up seeing on TV. I’m a newbie to pilot season myself, but got a very helpful breakdown in my acting class at Lesly Kahn. So here’s a what happens to actors during pilot season in Los Angeles…

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Six Differences Between Auditions in LA and the Netherlands

First: apologies for the radio silence! During the eight months I was in the Netherlands I dreamed of being busy and so now the universe is like: “You want busy? Take this!” I’ve had the fourth of July festivities (and accompanying eh..refreshments) followed by a 4.30AM call for a music video followed by a 18 hour shoot followed by moving to my new apartment till 2AM and then the many administrative moving hurdles, auditions, Ikea trips, hikes and social gatherings on top. It’s all good of course, but it’s made finding time for blogging difficult!

So, what have you missed? I had my first theatrical audition which means for film or TV and my first callback! A callback is basically the next round of auditions, and I had one for a commercial. I’ve now done about five auditions here in LaLaLand and although I go them on my bicycle like any good Dutch girl would the auditions here are different from those in the Netherlands…

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15 Audition Tapes of Famous Actors

JessicaAlbaEllePhotoshoot Jessica Alba auditioning for the role of Agent 99 in Get Smart, which went to Anne Hathaway? Julia Roberts doing an unknown audition before she became Pretty Woman? A very young Natalie Portman auditioning for her breakthrough role as Mathilde in Leon: The Professional? Robert DeNiro auditioning for the role of Sonny Corleone in The Godfather?

I’ve always wanted to see audition tapes of famous actors, for many reasons. First, it’s really refreshing to see that the stars too, had (and have!) to stand in front of a 4 headed committee, unflattering light and everything, and act with a monotoning casting director. And second, it’s really educative! You see pure self-generated acting from the greats without props and sets and costars. You might also get an idea of what your audition tapes look like, and what does and doesn’t work.

So I present to you here: 15 great (and not so great) audition tapes of famous actors…

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