In the last month I’ve forgotten my debit card at the grocery store three times, lost a pair of pants, lost my precious Ray Bans, burned my hands while cooking twice and just generally have been all over the place. The reason for all this scatterbrainedness: the short film I’m developing. Okay, maybe also my disorganized personality, but mostly the short film. Producing a film is really a day job (who would have thought? What could the official job title be for that?) It’s a job consisting of a million meetings and spreadsheets and emails; piecing together a million smart parts so they all start working at the right time. It’s kind of like hosting a massive dinner party, which – as a batch of oily, PlayDoh like “cupcakes” can attest to – is not a talent of mine. You’re probably wondering why I’ve titled this “Why Every Actor Should Produce a Short” when I’m rambling about how  taxing it is. Well, let me tell ya!