It has officially happened: the first time a screenplay I wrote got made into a film! Uh-huh, last weekend we filmed my short Samson. The weeks leading up to it may have left me broke and bipolar, but it was worth it. More than that, it was one of the best experiences of my life; the magic of twenty plus people coming together to create something I wrote, of every single person on set being awesome and talented and dedicated, of realizing how ridiculously lucky I am when it comes to the people I meet…

Honestly, no matter how many people say LA people are fake or shallow or  jaded, I can only vouch for the contrary. Because even though we didn’t get full funding, I’ve gotten help in so many ways from the people around me, it makes me all dramatic and gooey inside. The to-thank-when-I-win-my-Oscar-list is growing impossibly long,  so I want to use this post to thank some awesome people and give you faith in humanity just in time for the holidays!

Thanks Devin for being an amazing friend and human being and knowing how to make me smile even when I’m in a I’m-gonna-be-broke-and-have-been-on-a-bus-for-5-hours kind of mood. For making this whole short even possible, and arranging the IT stuff, and making crazy long days without getting sleep. And for picking me up when I lock myself out of my house after you finally thought you would get some sleep. And finally: for being irresistible in a floral dress and blond wig.

Thanks Barry for letting us use your fuc–wonderfully amazing house that you hadn’t even fully moved in yet yourself. What a crazy thing to say “yes” to. What a rude thing of me to ask. Sorry about that. And thank you for the phone. And all the rides. And Regina. And being such an interesting, sweet friend.

Thanks Jacqueline for letting us rob pretty much your entire furniture store. And for being such a generous, loving and open person.  You inspire me. Check out FORT Goods for the prettiest vintage and custom furniture everyone! And the prettiest owner of a vintage and custom furniture store…

Thanks Jay -our director- for being so open to the views of some Dutch girl who really needs to consider the fact that writer does not mean director, not even in Dutch.  Thanks for creating such a relaxed, safe atmosphere on set. For being so protective of our little film, for all your effort and time.

Thanks Nate for being Nate the Great. I can’t believe I randomly met you at a birthday party two weeks prior to filming without even knowing I needed a production designer. You’ve been so indispensable, you’ve put so much work into this, and I loved every set you decorated. And thanks for incorporating christmas lights in them. You rock.

Thanks Eitan and Rowena for coming out and running the show and adding a touch of Dutch to the set ;) You guys are on top of your stuff, I hope you’ll find a way to stay in the US of A. Thanks Jay and Neel for coming out in suits and being awesome friends in general. Thanks the entire crew. Jon, Scott, Chris, Jedi and Rich for creating such pretty frames. Thanks Michael for  making fart jokes and…what were you doing on set anyway? Oh, sound, right. Thanks for that, I guess. Thanks Kevin for saving us from IT hell last minute and making quadruple back ups. At least I hope that’s what you did. Thanks Constance and Ray for being so good at your job and not making me the only girl on set.

Thanks everyone who donated moneyz, especially Adam, Micky, Moises, Marcy, Zelda, Udo, Ingeborg, Jowan, Joon & Anthony. Without you we really couldn’t have done this!

Thanks Simpang Asia and Eddie’s Italian Restaurant for sponsoring us with delicious catering and Simply Bridal for sponsoring us with wedding dresses. You really warmed our hearts!

Last but not least, thanks my Dutch family, friends and Marylle for supporting me throughout the entire move-to-LA-and-going-crazy thing. I love you. End of sentimental post. Maybe. For now…

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