On the 17th of May things really got real, like for real. Ladies and gentlemen,  my O1B visa is now in my passport. I feel like it should be prettier and shinier, perhaps scented like rose macarons and embellished with Swarovski, but it is just a normal, tiny piece of paper. Only with life changing powers. And ever since everything got official, my to-do list became a little more endless as more moving-to-another-country stuff was added to it. First one: booking a plane ticket. So here it is: a week from now, on May 30th, I will move to Los Angeles!

In the meantime I’ve been pretty busy with said to-do list, mainly going through the stuff that I had in storage and a variety of other places. It’s unbelievable, the amount of crap a human being collects in just a few years. I must have thrown at least 80% away. And by throwing away I mean taking it to the salvation army of course. It feels good though, having all your belongings fit in three suitcases. But now all of that’s done, there’s time for reflection…

The first months after I got back from Los Angeles  I could picture it so vividly: my return to LA, what my life would be like, the people, the weather…But as time passed and was spent more and more in an office filled with depressed people and on a bike trying to stay vertical in the snow, it ebbed away. My life in the Netherlands became a life again, though a very gray one, and LA seemed so far way.

But in a week I’ll be there again, trading this never ending European autumn weather for sunshine and this daily routine for adventure. It will be the first time I’m in LA without having to work for a visa, without the pressure of having to leave soon, so I just have to make sure that this lack of pressure won’t make me slack off. I’ll probably make a weekly plan again like the last time I was in LA, and perhaps even chronicle them on my blog again.

And though I can’t wait to get on the plane and start a new life, there’s always the saying-goodbye-at-the-airport part that precedes it. The walk-through-the-gate-alone-while-friends-and-family-stay-behind part. No fun. And so I’m gonna spend my last week in the Netherlands hugging family and friends and perhaps random strangers if I drink too many cocktails on my goodbye party.

See you on the other side!


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