Algemeen Dagblad Delft shanice kammingaYesterday I did a Q&A in Filmhuis Lumen Delft for my short film If., and it was a great success (imagine Borat’s voice here). Filmhuis Lumen Delft is screening the short film I wrote, produced and starred in ahead of the feature Lilting this month. Lumen is a super cute movie theater that’s located on a lively square full of terrasjes (this is a European phenomenon without accurate translation) and with a giant lamp shade at the center, so I recommend everyone to go check it out! See showtimes for If. here.  On top of the lovely compliments I received from the audience at the Q&A, the Delft screenings of If. also received some press! Check the articles below the cut…

Algemeen Dagblad

Okay, so some factual errors here (I never worked nor lived in Delft) but hey, the front page!

Algemeen Dagblad Delft shanice kamminga

De Delftse Post

I love reading people’s different perspectives on our short!

Delftse Post Shanice Kamminga

Next up: A screening in Wagening this Saturday! See showtimes here. I look forward to seeing you!