Intuition & Life Outside The Orbit: Choosing Between Safety and Uncertainty

There will be certain moments when you’re faced with a choice that can really affect the course of your life. These choices may not feel life-altering. Perhaps we tell ourselves we can always revisit them later and make a different decision. Perhaps they don’t even feel like choices. But they are, and I would like to share with you something I’ve learned recently after facing a difficult choice myself, so that maybe it can help you with your future life decisions, or at least help you see things a little bit clearer.

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Oh, Dear LA Actors: Why Casting A Voice-Over Made Me Sad

This week I was casting for voice-over actors in Los Angeles and it left me feeling sad, bittersweet and whole mix of conflicting emotions that may or may not have to do with my impending period and certainly have to do with my having been an actress in LA myself. Why would finding an American voice-over actor ever make one feel sad, you may wonder – periods aside? I shall explain.

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I Directed A Trailer!

One of the latest features I wrote (and rewrote and rewrote and rewrote) is called Long Gone, a low budget sci-fi drama about a young woman who visits a mysterious house she inherited from her recently passed brother. There she meets a man who claims to be from the future and able to save her brother, if she helps him with a mission. To help pitch the project I directed a trailer for the film last April with the help of an amazing crew and my super supportive bosses. I had the best days of my life again, and I’m soooo happy with the results. The trailer is still being graded (color correction) and mixed and sound designed, so I can’t share it quite yet, but since I’m bursting with excitement and want to share some of the gorgeousness we shot, here are 20 behind the scenes photos…

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Why I Stopped Blogging, Acting and Living in LA and Yet This is A Happy Post

Hi! Remember me? Maybe not since it’s been two full years + nine days since I’ve posted, and I’ve accumulated some epidermal wisdom aka wrinkles in the process. So what the f took me so long? Well, various things. I started this blog as a 21 (!) year girl who wanted – correction: was obsessed with/desperately needed – to move to Los Angeles to become an actress. I started it during a time when blogs were fairly new and not everyone above 11 and their dog wrote op-eds on TV show episodes yet. I chronicled everything from visa drama to acting classes to motorcycle accidents, and tried to help other artists who wanted to move to Los Angeles. Fast-forward and I’m now a 29 (!!) year old woman who lives in Amsterdam, is not pursuing acting anymore and has a lot more perspective and mental stability – most of the time anyway. So, what’s the story? Have I become a bitter quitter and is this gonna be a “just give up already” post?


This is gonna be a “know thyself” post that will help you find true happiness and eternal bliss. Kidding. But if you’re someone who’s die-hard pursuing something it might help you reflect and make yourself a little more content. Still a lofty promise, perhaps, but lemme explain…

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Why All Actors Should Leave LA Every Now and Then

This morning I landed back in the Netherlands, and got the camera of a Dutch TV show shoved in my face as I came out to greet my family in a Santa hat after 18 hours of travelling. Despite my slight trepidation when leaving and sheer shock while arriving though, it’s good to be home. Don’t get me wrong; I love Los Angeles. I love being surrounded by passionate people that risk a stable life for telling stories, I love the beautiful people I get to call friends there, I love the climate (90% of the time anyway), I  love the dream-big-mentality, the beaches, the hills, the free screenings…I even love the weekly premieres that turn the traffic in my neighbourhood into a war zone. But despite that, I feel like every person in the industry – especially actors – should leave LA every now and then. Here’s why…

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Last Week Before LA!

On the 17th of May things really got real, like for real. Ladies and gentlemen,  my O1B visa is now in my passport. I feel like it should be prettier and shinier, perhaps scented like rose macarons and embellished with Swarovski, but it is just a normal, tiny piece of paper. Only with life changing powers. And ever since everything got official, my to-do list became a little more endless as more moving-to-another-country stuff was added to it. First one: booking a plane ticket. So here it is: a week from now, on May 30th, I will move to Los Angeles!

In the meantime I’ve been pretty busy with said to-do list, mainly going through the stuff that I had in storage and a variety of other places. It’s unbelievable, the amount of crap a human being collects in just a few years. I must have thrown at least 80% away. And by throwing away I mean taking it to the salvation army of course. It feels good though, having all your belongings fit in three suitcases. But now all of that’s done, there’s time for reflection…

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Between Acting and Writing

Here’s something awesome: I filmed a short last week where I got to wear an insane superhero costume and the first screenplay I finished – a comedy pilot – was selected for a Dutch screenwriting event named “Het Schrijfpaleis.” This means professional actors will perform scenes from my screenplay after which a panel of film professionals and an audience gives feedback. If you’re in the Netherlands, you can be part of the audience and come check it out tonight at 8PM. For more information go here.

All the writing I have done recently has really made me realize how healthy it is…

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About Image & Humility

First things first: my visa application has been sent off! That means within three weeks my fate will be decided. Hopefully anyway. If there’s anything I learned from the visa process it’s that things always take longer than anticipated. Or maybe I’m overly optimistic in my planning. Either way, within the next month I will surely know a lot more about what my future looks like than I do now. In the meantime, I’ve been thinking a lot about “image.”

As you make your way in the film industry  you sometimes encounter people that make themselves seem like more than they really are. In job interviews a little exaggeration about your resume and skills is rule more than exception of course, and not necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve met people that lied to the point where they made things up completely. And it taught me something…

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Why We Want to Become Actors Part IV: Naive/Delusional

Famewhore, attention seeker, naive/delusional, unstable, childish… If you want to go to LA to become an actor you are obviously either one or all of these things. According to those certain kinds of people you encounter in daily life anyway. And although there’s no need to justify yourself to them, I do ponder sometimes why it is we have this unwavering desire to play dress up and pretend to be somebody else. Why we voluntarily choose a life full of uncertainty, financial instability and rejection. Why Halloween or the local Theater Group on the side isn’t enough.

I watched The Silver Linings Playbook the other day and it reignited my inner discussion on what is normal and what isn’t, and how it relates to me and other actors and artists. Are we all crazy and delusional, or just hopeful?

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Happy Holidays!

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