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The Beginner’s Guide to Pilot Season in LA

Aaaand I’m back in Los Angeles. After spending a month eating lotsa Doritos, mayonaise and chocolate,  being surrounded by family and friends and cold weather I’m back in my own little apartment in the Hollywood heat. This was the first time I returned to LA -as in went home- instead of returning to the Netherlands, and it’s been a little strange readjusting.  There’s just zero overlap between my life in Holland and my life in Hollywood, like they’re two different universes that only exist when I’m there.

It’s also the first time I’m in LA for pilot season. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term: Pilot season is the season when all TV show pilots get cast and produced. And that’s an infinite amount more than what you end up seeing on TV. I’m a newbie to pilot season myself, but got a very helpful breakdown in my acting class at Lesly Kahn. So here’s a what happens to actors during pilot season in Los Angeles…

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Live From Cloud Nine: A Big List of Thank You’s

It has officially happened: the first time a screenplay I wrote got made into a film! Uh-huh, last weekend we filmed my short Samson. The weeks leading up to it may have left me broke and bipolar, but it was worth it. More than that, it was one of the best experiences of my life; the magic of twenty plus people coming together to create something I wrote, of every single person on set being awesome and talented and dedicated, of realizing how ridiculously lucky I am when it comes to the people I meet…

Honestly, no matter how many people say LA people are fake or shallow or  jaded, I can only vouch for the contrary. Because even though we didn’t get full funding, I’ve gotten help in so many ways from the people around me, it makes me all dramatic and gooey inside. The to-thank-when-I-win-my-Oscar-list is growing impossibly long,  so I want to use this post to thank some awesome people and give you faith in humanity just in time for the holidays!

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Why All Actors Should Leave LA Every Now and Then

This morning I landed back in the Netherlands, and got the camera of a Dutch TV show shoved in my face as I came out to greet my family in a Santa hat after 18 hours of travelling. Despite my slight trepidation when leaving and sheer shock while arriving though, it’s good to be home. Don’t get me wrong; I love Los Angeles. I love being surrounded by passionate people that risk a stable life for telling stories, I love the beautiful people I get to call friends there, I love the climate (90% of the time anyway), I  love the dream-big-mentality, the beaches, the hills, the free screenings…I even love the weekly premieres that turn the traffic in my neighbourhood into a war zone. But despite that, I feel like every person in the industry – especially actors – should leave LA every now and then. Here’s why…

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Why Every Actor Should Produce a Short

In the last month I’ve forgotten my debit card at the grocery store three times, lost a pair of pants, lost my precious Ray Bans, burned my hands while cooking twice and just generally have been all over the place. The reason for all this scatterbrainedness: the short film I’m developing. Okay, maybe also my disorganized personality, but mostly the short film. Producing a film is really a day job (who would have thought? What could the official job title be for that?) It’s a job consisting of a million meetings and spreadsheets and emails; piecing together a million smart parts so they all start working at the right time. It’s kind of like hosting a massive dinner party, which – as a batch of oily, PlayDoh like “cupcakes” can attest to – is not a talent of mine. You’re probably wondering why I’ve titled this “Why Every Actor Should Produce a Short” when I’m rambling about how  taxing it is. Well, let me tell ya!

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Five Myths About the O1 Visa

I have booked my ticket back to the Netherlands… for the holidays! You didn’t think I was going back after more than two years of insanity-, tears-, and fear-loaded work, did ya? Nope, life with the O1 visa in LA has been pretty good so far. As an impatient and overly ambitious person I’m never quite satisfied of course, but I’m working on my craft and career everyday, and as long as I can do that I’m happy. For the first time I feel like I am where I belong, with people who are like me. It’s the little things: audiences clapping after a movie, people smiling to each other on the street… And it’s all thanks to that little piece of paper called an O1 visa, and my awesome immigration lawyer Kate Raynor. So for all of you who are also thinking of moving here to act or write do anything else creative, here are five myths about the O1 visa…

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Lanterns & The Meaning of Life

Let me tell you the tale of a lantern. I’m sure you’ve never heard a more exciting introduction but bear with me, this is one of those posts where I go deep, yo.

When I came back from Los Angeles in September last year I was still waiting to hear from a really big agency that I met with days before flying back. All I could think about was getting that agent, applying for my visa and moving back to LA again.

Shortly after my return in the Netherlands I celebrated my birthday with some friends and family, and one of my aunts had gotten me one of those flying sky wishing lanterns. When night fell we went outside to the garden at my parents’ place, and as we lit the fire I silently made a wish. Everyone knew what the wish was of course, but then something happened…

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Six Differences Between Auditions in LA and the Netherlands

First: apologies for the radio silence! During the eight months I was in the Netherlands I dreamed of being busy and so now the universe is like: “You want busy? Take this!” I’ve had the fourth of July festivities (and accompanying eh..refreshments) followed by a 4.30AM call for a music video followed by a 18 hour shoot followed by moving to my new apartment till 2AM and then the many administrative moving hurdles, auditions, Ikea trips, hikes and social gatherings on top. It’s all good of course, but it’s made finding time for blogging difficult!

So, what have you missed? I had my first theatrical audition which means for film or TV and my first callback! A callback is basically the next round of auditions, and I had one for a commercial. I’ve now done about five auditions here in LaLaLand and although I go them on my bicycle like any good Dutch girl would the auditions here are different from those in the Netherlands…

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Los Angeles Neighborhoods: A Breakdown

Good news, the dream apartment I mentioned in the last post is mine! I’ll move in next month, making it the 9th place I’ve lived at in LA. Let me summarize: when I first came to LA for just the summer at 19 I stayed in North Hollywood. I had such a great time that I did so again the summer after. Then when I returned for a six month stretch at 22 I stayed with a friend in Valley Village, followed by two months in Venice with a roommate from hell. Luckily I then met a lovely American lady in Culver City who I stayed with until my return to the Netherlands. And again during my three month last-attempt-to-find-an-agent stay (interrupted by a week and a half in Hollywood).

Add to that the four different places I’ve stayed at since my permanent return three weeks ago, many acting classes, agency meetings (oh and who am I kidding: shopping trips) and I would say that despite me being fairly new to Lalaland, I have a pretty good idea of the layout of this city. So for all of you that consider visiting or moving to LA, here’s a neighborhood breakdown…

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Back in LA!

Hello from Santa Monica! Off to arrange a dozen things now but will blog soon!

Back in LA!

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Last Week Before LA!

On the 17th of May things really got real, like for real. Ladies and gentlemen,  my O1B visa is now in my passport. I feel like it should be prettier and shinier, perhaps scented like rose macarons and embellished with Swarovski, but it is just a normal, tiny piece of paper. Only with life changing powers. And ever since everything got official, my to-do list became a little more endless as more moving-to-another-country stuff was added to it. First one: booking a plane ticket. So here it is: a week from now, on May 30th, I will move to Los Angeles!

In the meantime I’ve been pretty busy with said to-do list, mainly going through the stuff that I had in storage and a variety of other places. It’s unbelievable, the amount of crap a human being collects in just a few years. I must have thrown at least 80% away. And by throwing away I mean taking it to the salvation army of course. It feels good though, having all your belongings fit in three suitcases. But now all of that’s done, there’s time for reflection…

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