Shanice Kamminga is a Dutch dir—-oh what the hell, everybody knows people write these bios about themselves anyway, right? So let’s try again: I’m a Dutch director and Nicholl Fellowship semi-finalist screenwriter. I initially focused on acting and appeared in TV series such as Who’s In Who’s Out.

After graduating from the University of Amsterdam I started a blog about moving to LA and the visa issues I encountered along the way. The blog quickly garnered followers and press attention, but more importantly rekindled my love for writing. I then wrote my first screenplay, which got selected for Holland’s prestigious screenwriting event Het Schrijfpaleis.

I finally moved to LA in 2013, where I wrote and co-produced a short film named If. The film got a theatrical release in Dutch arthouse theaters and I decided to switch fully to writing and directing. I submitted my first feature screenplay to The Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship – the Oscars’ competition for new screenwriters – and became a semi-finalist. A huge honor.

I’m currently developing a TV show, while also concepting, writing and directing projects for clients like Philips, KPN and FrieslandCampina. It’s a blast.

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