Shanice is a screenwriter, director and creative. Originally focused on acting she switched to writing after moving to Los Angeles, where she lived for four years. Upon moving back to the Netherlands she fell into directing which turn turned out to be a natural fit.

As a screenwriter Shanice was recently selected as one of the five winners of New Voices 2021 by Netflix, who also optioned her winning screenplay “Next Level.” On top of that her screenplay “Toy Soldiers” placed in the semi-finals (50 out of 8000) of The Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship, The Academy’s fellowship for emerging screenwriters.

As a commercial director Shanice has worked for clients like Philips, KPN, Albert Heijn, among many others. As a fiction director she wrote, produced and directed a short film called “Other” starring Anna Drijver and featuring couture by Iris van Herpen. “Other” was selected for the Meliès d’Argent at the Imagine Film Festival 2021. She also directed a trailer for a screenplay called “Long Gone” starring Sallie Harmsen and Kay Greidanus. The project is now in development as a series at Netflix.

Shanice loves working with actors – especially kids – as well as incorporating practical effects and VFX. Project-wise she has affinity for science, tech and grounded fairytales. She aims to give her commercials a sense of magic or joy and her fiction projects almost always play with alternate realities – whether due to a protagonists’ imagination, a story-in-a-story or some scientific cause.